Monday, 27 January 2014

Most Anticipated Game Of 2014?

What better way to kick off my blog than with some excitement for the coming year of gaming!

What's your most anticipated game of 2014?
There has been so many announcements of new and upcoming games coming to current and next gen consoles.
Looking forward to some indie games or blockbuster sale record breakers!

My most anticipated game of 2014 has got to be:

The Division

Tom Clancy's The Division is an upcoming online multiplayer third person tactical shooter action role playing game developed by UbisoftMassive under the Tom Clancy brand for the PlayStation 4Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.
Gameplay revolves around a post-apocalyptic New York City, with players exploring the devastated city while under fire from opposing groups.
Many of 2014's games coming to next gen seem to be open world massive multiplayer games and this one for me takes the crown and i can't to dive in to this new world.
The Division is inspired by Operation Dark Winter and Directive 51, real-world events which "revealed how vulnerable we've become"; society has become "fragile" and "complex". In the game, a disease that spreads on Black Friday causes the United States to collapse in five days. The player is part of a group called "Strategic Homeland Division (SHD)", called "The Division" for short. This group was established to combat the threat and do whatever it takes to "save what remains" in a massive multiplayer online situation, putting them against friends, AI, and other players.

More Scenes From The Division

Close contenders for me involve:

The Elder Scrolls Online
● Uncharted 4
● Infamous Second Son
● The Crew
● Outlast
● Watchdogs
● The Order 1886
● Destiny

Let me know what you think will be an amazing game for 2014!

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