Wednesday, 29 January 2014

PlayStation 4 Unboxing

I'd like to share with you my unboxing of my new PlayStation 4.
I was looking forward to the next generation console for such a long time and just couldn't wait!
I pre-ordered the PlayStation 4 from Game, Merry Hill and went up for the UK midnight launch on the 29th November 2013.
It was such a great experience as everyone was really exciting and couldn't wait to walk out with their brand new console.

Greatness Awaits

PlayStation 4 raises the bar and sets a new level for gaming. Unbelievable power has been put in to the PS4 and with such a great line up of games currently out and coming in the future.

So, Let's unbox my PlayStation 4 - 4ThePlayers

As you can see here is PS4 packaging box and my copy of Killzone Shadow Fall that i ordered along side the console. The box itself shows I have Assassins Creed inside.
Let's take a look inside at the hardware.

So now opening the box we can see the contents inside. Top right we can the booklets that come with the console such as terms and conditions and information on PS Plus and Health & Safety.
Bottom right we can see the new dualshock 4; a great new addition to the PlayStation controllers
The new controller improves upon the dualshock 3 with amazing new features with one including the new touch pad to be used in games and the playroom.
Centre of the photo we can see my new console; the amazing PlayStation 4.
Let's go closer.

Here we have the PlayStation 4; the new generation, most power gaming console ever made.
It's such a great console with an amazing line up of games. Not only is it amazing inside but look how great it looks on the outside too! A fresh look for PlayStation and it's a welcome addition to the family.

The new dualshock 4; new controller for a new console.
This has so many improvements upon the dualshock 3 and adds a whole heap of new features.
I must admit I always swayed in the direction of the Xbox 360 controller over the dualshock 3 but Sony have done such a great job and this controller is better than ever; it feels so comfortable in your hand and the new triggers fit perfectly in your fingers!
The most obvious of add ons is the new touch pad to be used in games and used with the new playroom
Also, the new share button is a useful the console captures game play as your playing and you can save and upload your clips whenever you like.

So,What do you think of the PlayStation 4? Got yours yet?

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