Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Last Of Us: Left Behind DLC Review

So following on from the great success of The Last Of Us, Naughty Dog continue to do what they do best and release another masterpiece for us gamers.

Recently released, the downloadable content of "Left Behind" adds to The Last Of Us;

  It recounts how Joel was impaled during the pairs escape from the University of Eastern Colorado. Ellie takes Joel to a nearby mall and administers some temporary first aid. Venturing further into the mall to search for supplies, Ellie locates a military medical helicopter that crashed through the roof. Sneaking past numerous infected, and discovering the fates of the helicopter's crew, Ellie is able to locate a medical kit in the crashed ship with supplies to treat Joel's wound. As she makes her way back to Joel, she discovers the bandits from the university have tracked them to the mall. Outnumbered, Ellie uses the surrounding environment to pit the bandits and infected against each other. As Ellie reaches her destination she is ambushed by bandits and infected, but manages to defeat both groups.

During Ellie's journey through the mall, the game periodically flashes back to three weeks before the main story. Ellie is awoken at her boarding school by her best friend Riley, whom Ellie has not seen for six weeks. Riley reveals that she has become a Firefly, and convinces Ellie to sneak away with her to a nearby abandoned mall to catch up. As they explore the mall and stores, Ellie questions why Riley returned. Eventually, Riley admits that she is being deployed to another city by the Fireflies, and against orders, wanted to say goodbye to Ellie. After the two exchange some harsh words, Riley suggests they play a game with water guns and dance to some music in a nearby store. Ellie begs Riley to stay, causing Riley to discard her dog-tags before the two kiss. They are interrupted when infected appear, forcing them to flee. Racing through the mall, they attempt to escape by climbing some scaffolding. The structure collapses as Ellie is climbing, dropping her back into the mall. Riley climbs back down after her and after a struggle the pair manage to kill the infected, but not before both have been bitten. Distraught over their fate, Riley comforts Ellie and suggests they fight the infection rather than give into fear and commit suicide.

After playing both The Last Of Us and its latest DLC, I can't help but connect with the characters and story line that Naughty Dog bring to our homes. Such amazing graphics that we always expect from Naughty Dog do not disappoint as they match and even over shadow games on the next gen PS4.

Enjoy The Last Of Us?

Do not miss out on the great DLC that is:

Left Behind

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