Sunday, 25 May 2014

Game Incoming: WatchDogs

Brand new game set for release on the 27th May 2014;

WatchDogs available across all consoles with exclusive 60 minutes Gameplay with PlayStation!

Developed by the amazing team at Ubisoft, Follow Aiden Pearce through an open world adventure action adventure game as he hacks his way through the city bit by bit.

Watch Dogs is a third person shooter set in an open world recreation of Chicago. The fictionalized, hyper-connected version of the city is managed through a centralized system called CtOS.

You can hack traffic lights, ATM's, security cameras and much much more!

The cheapest of this game I found online for next gen consoles was with Tesco;

Here for only £44.00 on PlayStation 4

WatchDogs From Ubisoft

Be sure to check out other packages such as Standard Edition, Vigilante Edition, DedSec Edition and More!

This game is set to light up next gen consoles and will be an amazing game to add to your collection.

Don't miss out! Hack Away!

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