Monday, 26 May 2014

Outlast Whistleblower DLC Review

So, I made a review and a gameplay walkthrough of the new horror game on the scene. PC and PlayStation 4 game Outlast promises a driven storyline and many jump scares.

Not for the light hearted!

Want to check out my gameplay walkthrough of Outlast?

Now, Following on from the amazing new horror game, Red Barrel's have delivered an add on; a new downloadable content which adds to the Outlast experience.


The Whistleblower DLC can be found from the PlayStation Store on your PS4 and can be downloaded now for a small price of £7.69 and shown HERE

Whistleblower is a prequel and sequel rolled into one; playing as Waylon Park you are an engineer working for murkoff. When all goes wrong, you must survive the horrors within the asylum including new enemies and the Wallrider! Your story will begin before Miles Upshur enters the aslyum but your story will continue through as you witness some same events as Miles did. The horrors will not end there as they continue even after the events of Outlast (Miles Story)

Want to see a gameplay walkthrough of Whistleblower DLC?

Can you survive?

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