Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Destiny New DLC

I have now been playing Destiny since the launch of this outstanding series and looking back I have no regrets. This is a fresh new game to come to consoles and you have to try it out (free trial now available). If you had to compare it to anything it would have to be Halo (Xbox exclusive) which was also made by Bungie; it's kind of a mix between the Halo series and Call Of Duty series in the way it plays which adds it up to a must have. A guardian joining the fight to save the last safe city on earth.

Destiny have constantly been adding new content to this game which so far has included the new six player raid "The Vault Of Glass" and all it's new gear and weapons such as Atheon's Epilogue which is an amazing new auto rifle (also has void damage). Destiny also added Halloween features during the holiday season and has also including time events such as the Iron Banner tournament and The Queen's Wrath where new gear became available if you worked hard for it.

So what's next for Destiny?

A new DLC expansion pack is coming out for Destiny on the 9th December 2014 called  "The Dark Below" and can be brought in part of a double expansion pack which will also include another upcoming DLC for 2015. The Dark Below will include some PlayStation exclusive content until Fall 2015. The content involved in the DLC will include gear that can boost your light and character to level 32. Finally we can get past 30!

In this DLC we can expect new story missions, strikes, crucible maps, a sparrow (which you can do tricks on) and what I am most looking forward to is the new raid named Crota's End. All details are yet to be announced I can't wait for all this new DLC to hit the game so we can explore some more. Now is definitely the time to buy the game.

Join the fight now! What part of the new DLC are you looking forward to the most?

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