Sunday, 30 November 2014

Fifa 15 Ultimate Team

Anyone else in love with Fifa 15?
Well I definitely got addicted to this game from day 1 and currently have my ultimate team surrounding Liverpool FC and Everton FC as they have some amazing players with great chemistry. I wanted to share with you who I would want in my Barclay's Premier League Ultimate Team if I had enough coins.

Rowley Regis FC

Manager - Brendan Rodgers

Hugo Lloris in goal for me; a shot stopper with great reflexes is always a sure bet to keeping you a clean sheet.

Seamus Coleman at right back; great pace and defending and perfect for overlapping the winger.
Alberto Moreno is my left back for the same reason; very quick for a wing back and great for the counter attack.
Gary Cahill and Vincent Kompany; can't go wrong with the experience and strength of these two centre backs. Quicker than most centre backs also.

Raheem Sterling is a must for all teams with unbelievable pace and skill down the right wing; always beating the full backs.
Eden Hazard on the left wing at a very high rating; pacey, skilful and great finishing for a very well rounded winger.
Jack Wilshere and Yaya Toure in the centre of midfield; Yaya stronger than most to push players off the dribble and with both players having great vision and creativity.

Diego Costa in form striker for Chelsea this season already with an in-form card; amazing strength and finishing for a perfect striker.
Daniel Sturridge is a must have also; lightning quick and great finishing. This guy is a perfect striker for beating the last man.

The above team is using the usual 4 - 4 -2 formation and would cost you plenty of coins.

So what is your Ultimate team? Mine is not to be messed with!

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