Monday, 17 November 2014


Hey Guys,
I decided to do a complete overhaul of my blog; in the coming days you will notice new layout, background, title and most importantly different content in my posts.

I originally started this blog to be completely about my love for gaming; it started with me posting previews, reviews about the latest games and posting updates on the latest gaming news and events.

I have now decided to open up my blog completely so that I now have no restrictions and can write about my life and whatever I want to share with you. So, this blog is having a makeover and will have new daily content about my life, hobbies, activities and everything about me.

Along side this blog I will continue with my YouTube channel and I will still post on this blog about my YouTube video's and playlists and also write about game previews, event's and wishlists.
If you have time then please go take a look at my YouTube channel and if you enjoy then please Subscribe.

So, Welcome to ImmensEtc Blog.

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