Monday, 17 November 2014

Moving Home

So, Me and my Fiancée have finally moved out and are now living in our home, our perfect home.
We're now ages 23 and 22 and after being together for just over 5 years we have made the jump into living together and it is the best decision we have made;

Our own space, our own home to do what we like when we like.

We have chosen to stay close to our family in the West Midlands area so at least we can visit our families ad they can visit us too! (of course they have been round plenty already to see if we can cope) 

When moving home it's a stressful time and with so much to think of such as furniture, transferring all of our belongings to our new home and most annoyingly all the bills.

We are now happily settling in with only a few more things to sort out, mainly our storage; we have so many boxes of random things (leads, electronics, DVD's)

So let's share some photo's of our new home (pinched from my fiancée's blog; link below)

!Home Sweet Home!

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