Thursday, 20 November 2014

Review | Grand Theft Auto 5

So having played Grand Theft Auto 5 on both Xbox 360 and PS3 I wanted to share with you my highlights of the game, why it's been so amazing, discuss any faults and is it worth upgrading to the PS4/ Xbox One version of the title.

My Highlight's so far; how about climbing the highest point in the game and overlook the entire city? It's amazing how great the game can look with so much going on in the world. Nothing in the distance is popping in; it's all there and you can explore all of it. The map is huge and filled with everything you need.
Activities in the game are endless; as well as completing the story and side mission, why not try some of your characters hobbies? go play some tennis, golf, darts and many more.
Customization? The possibilities are endless! From your characters to vehicles; everything is full customizable. Tattoo parlour, barbers, clothes stores, ammunation and the mod shop are just a few places you need to visit to make your game unique.

As for Faults,  there's not too much to complain about; although there is more than enough content and updates released all the tie with add ons to the game, there is always one person complaining about the constant wait for Heists! We have been waiting for this since the launch of GTA Online and it's still yet to make an appearance. Will we see an entrance soon?

I'll be Upgrading my version of the game and be getting the PlayStation 4 title; whether your upgrading from Xbox 360 or PS3 you can upgrade and carry over your character and all it's progress over to whichever next gen platform you decide to get. Not too bad because we don't want to lose all our hard work and time we have put in to the current versions of the game. Unfortunately there is no discount. trading system to exchange your current copy for a new one and you will have to fork out the price for a brand new game but the next gen game looks to be one of the best.
Improved graphic's make this one of the best looking games on the PS4/ Xbox One; facial features in detail, new water effects, less popping and more make this game look so beautiful.
An addition of more wildlife fills the world so keep an eye open. Also a denser traffic and more cars and weapons have been added and expect more updates in the future.
Lastly I'd like to add the all new first person mode; you can play the whole story/ Online again but with a twist; you can now play in first person mode which looks amazing. Nothing is more satisfying than punching and stabbing an enemy in first person and watching the blood fly.

I would have to give this amazing new game a 10/10 and is a must buy!

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