Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Why get an Xbox One?

Although I am still yet to own an Xbox One, I can't help but be envious of those who do.

I already own a PlayStation 4 so what draws me to the new Xbox console;
Maybe the Xbox isn't as powerful as the latest addition to the Sony family but there are so many perks to owning the Xbox One (still unsure of where the name came from; Xbox to Xbox 360 to Xbox One?) that makes is so appealing to me.

Firstly the exclusives; same as Sony, Microsoft brings with it's console a host of exclusive games that can only be found of their own products. After owning the Xbox 360 and being such a loyal Microsoft customer for many years I have become very attached to many of their exclusive titles. So which ones? The Gears Of War series is very close to my heart (many of these found on my YouTube Channel) having played this since the beginning; following the Delta squad and trying to help save the human race was like am impossible task. Halo is the other title that pulls me in as the new Halo 5 draws nearer to it's launch. Halo is one that has been around since the start of the Xbox brand and has never failed to impressed. This futuristic shooter is one not to be missed. Other exclusives consist of Dead Rising and more.

So how about Kinect, PS4 also has a camera involved but Kinect is far superior with a new upgraded one brought out with the new Xbox. Of course the Kinect is only worth the money for those gamers who intend to use it (Kinect is not necessary for all games). You can become fully immersed in gaming using the Kinect as you can gesture and talk in your favourite games to help along.

Servers? Touchy subject among all gamers but it seems to be Online gaming always seemed for reliable on Microsoft's consoles; Microsoft's dedicated servers always kept me going whereas on PlayStation I can sometimes have a few problems with Lag/ Connectivity.

Lastly, how about the abilities seamlessly flick between gaming and TV with Instant Switching; it's the all in one console where you can do two things at once. I've always wanted to play Online and watch the football at the same time!

Other features include better matchmaking, advanced reputation system, person dashboard and there's plenty more to come.

who's got one? what's your highlight's been?
Most importantly, should I invest in one?

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