Friday, 6 February 2015

Review | Destinys Dark Below DLC

The Dark Below is the first expansion that has been released for Bungie's game of the year and from what I have heard from others it has been a welcome add on to Destiny.

If you haven't already brought Destiny here's a link - Destiny The Game
(Exclusive content for PlayStation)

The DLC is now available on the store on both Xbox and PlayStation and is only £19.99 for expansion 1.

The Dark Below has added a lot of new content to the original game including many new guns that you have to try out. Dragon's Breath rocket launcher that leaves a solar flare upon detonation is just one of the new weapons at your disposal.

So what new content was added?
4 New Story Missions
2 New Strikes
1 New Raid
3 New Crucible Maps
New Weapons
New Bounty Vendor

Four new story missions revolving the story of Crota and the hive's army are a definite test of your skill and strength; you meet the new bounty vendor Eris Morn and she gives you new bounty leads for you jump into each mission and fight your way through the hive. Work your way through the bounties and missions that she gives you she will reward you with one of the new weapons called the Murmur; a fusion rifle that can be switched from solar and arc damage.
Two new strikes to battle with your friends in a courageous fireteam which also brings a higher level strike playlist which is level 26. All the new strikes and story missions give something new to the game and it is worth the money if your addicted to the game as I am. It's fun to explore more story as the main game lacked some storyline and now you can learn more behind the hive and Crota himself.
The new crucible maps add more variety if you like to play on the multiplayer side of the game and kill other guardians so get ready to learn all the ins and outs of the new maps.
Lastly which most excited me is the new raid Crota's End;  normal mode is level 30 so you need to do a lot of farming for gear and consumables to prepare yourself for it. Get yourself a fireteam together and get stuck in. The raid brings with it new raid armour(new light levels and perks) that with the whole set you can now reach up to level 32 the new capped level in Destiny. Perks on the new armour are aimed at the raid and killing hive majors and using the sword which is only available with the new DLC. Along with the armour you can earn new guns which are all amazing and with higher damage that we have seen before(up to 331 damage). Now the rewards are out the way it is a very difficult raid for your fireteam as long as your do it right and not cheat/ cheese your way through it however it does seem much shorter than the previous raid Vault Of Glass. It resets each as usual and I chuck my characters in each week for the challenge and see what I can earn so join in and add me: ImmenseAshlarr - PSN
I rate the DLC 9/10 and is a must have!

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