Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Destiny | Husk Of The Pit

You may be looking at this post thinking what is the Husk Of The Pit? Am I right?

This will be a small post detailing what it is, why you should want it and where to get it!

So in short the Husk Of The Pit is just a normal silver uncommon auto rifle found in Destiny and was added with the new Dark Below update. Now your thinking why would you want that?

The Husk Of The Pit is an upgradable gun; the gun can be evolved in to a legendary gun and then even further in to an exotic weapon. Sounds more interesting now!

Where? The Husk Of The Pit can only be obtained from a drop when you kill a certain enemy. So you need to look out for the Blade Of Crota enemy. They are hive knights found every so often when hive conjure a summoning ceremony. 
Quick Tip: Open the story mission Will Of Crota and quickly run through the first area until you find three hive acolytes summoning the Blade Of Crota. Let them summon him and then kill him! Rinse and repeat until you get the drop as it is very rare.

To upgrade this weapon all you need to do is a kill a certain amount of hive enemies (roughly 500) to be ready for the upgrade. Finally you need the Embalming Orb (found from Eris Morn Level 3) and apply this to the weapon for it to evolve in to the legendary weapon Eidolon Ally.

Sound hard? That was the easier part!

If you want to upgrade your new auto rifle you need to do even more. Once you have upgraded this weapon to it's full you need one special item to evolve it into it's exotic brother: The Crux Of Crota.
The Crux Of Crota is a very rare drop that can only be obtained if you defeat Crota in the new raid Crota's End but only on Hard Mode!
After this your finally there. I haven't personally seen anyone with the exotic version just yet which means it's very hard to obtain and most likely worth all the effort!
It looks to have a high rate of fire which will surely kill the enemies in no time at all.
Here is the exotic weapon Necrochasm.

This amazing exotic auto rifle looks impressive with it's 332 attack and arc damage but what's most exciting is one of the upgrades that's called Cursebringer. This perk triggers a cursed thrall like explosion when your kill an enemy with a precision hit.

Let me know if you get this weapon because it seems impossible so far for me!
Good Luck Guardians.

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