Thursday, 12 February 2015

Destiny | Wishlist

What do we need most in Destiny?

Destiny is a great game with amazing game play and online multiplayer that will keep you and your friends entertained for hours but what's missing? Let me know what you think Bungie needs to add in Destiny.

I have spent countless hours, days and weeks on Destiny farming away until my Guardian is the best and equipped with the most powerful guns I can gather although I still feel like there is something missing so here's my say on the cons and what I am hoping for in the future.

Raid Matchmaking is something many have been asking for since the Vault of Glass was first launched. Not everyone has friends online all the time and especially not six of them! You can waste a good half hour just searching for a fireteam before you can launch and try out one of the raids. This just isn't good enough. Matchmaking is needed so nobody is waiting around and they can just join other gamers with ease and have fun and kill some enemies and get the best gear available. So why not Bungie? Help the gamers out!

More Storyline is also needed in Destiny. The story without the new DLC is roughly just over twenty missions but leaves you asking more questions than answered! Each mission you jump straight into the action with only sometimes getting a glimpse of cut scenes and a bit of story. Bungie has promised there will be another add on coming Q2 2015 and major content added this autumn so here's hoping a huge story included.

New Planets would be a fresh introduction in to the lives of our Guardians. Yes, we have enjoyed exploring the current Planets available to us but we want something new and different. It would be nice to explore Neptune, Saturn and more and new enemies to come with it as I think most people are getting a little bit tired of the same old enemies by now. We want something new and exciting and hopefully it will come with the new DLC's this year!

I know I have had a little bit of a rant here but don't get me wrong I do love this game and it's what I mostly play at the moment but some changes do need to be made so have your say also and tell me what you think needs to be added and do you agree with my opinions? 

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