Friday, 13 February 2015

Destiny | Xur Feb 13-15th

Another week for the mysterious one and this time he is in the eastern tower on the bottom level (pretty much under the Shipright vendor) and has he got one you've been looking for?
Let's take a look at this weekend's items:

Helm Of Inmost Light | Titan Helmet | 13 Coins

Crest Of Alpha Lupi | Hunter Chest | 13 Coins

Light Beyond Nemesis | Warlock Helmet | 13 Coins

Icebreaker | Exotic Sniper | 17 Coins

Exotic Shard | 7 Coins

Again the Icebreaker makes an appearance for those who have missed out in the past; it's an amazing sniper that you must have as it regenerates ammo on it's own over time. I brought the Warlock helmet this week which actually looks really good and helps me reach the level 32 cap.
Let's take a look at what you can now upgrade from your own inventory with Xur:

Knucklehead Radar | Crest Of Alpha Lupi (Titan & Hunter)
Helm Of Inmost Light | Apotheosis Veil | Sunbreakers
The Last Word | Icebreaker | Patience and Time
Super Good Advice | Gjallahorn | The Truth

Just the one item for me this week to buy but I will remain hopefully for next week. Still fingers crossed for the Mask Of The Third Man. Let me know if your happy with Xur this week and what your hoping to see next week. 

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