Friday, 20 February 2015

Destiny | Xur Feb 20-22nd

More and more exotics, if only we could equip more than one at any given time!
But nevertheless Xur in town and brings a few different items that we don't see week in week out so it's not all too bad (even if I don't need any of them). You may be interested to see what you can purchase for yourself so let's see the merchandise:

Crest Of Alpha Lupi | Titan Chest | 13 Coins

Radiant Dance Machines | Hunter Legs | 13 Coins

Voidfang Vestments | Warlock Chest | 13 Coins

No Land Beyond | Exotic Sniper | 17 Coins

Exotic Shard | 7 Coins

Exotic Chest Engram | 23 Motes Of Light

Not much to talk about it here apart from the exotic sniper maybe? It'll cost you 17 strange coins but it's a decent sniper that looks rather old fashioned. It can also be equipped in your primary weapon slot.
Want an upgrade?

Knucklehead Radar | Achlyophage Symbiote | Crest Of Alpha Lupi
Voidfang Vestments | Sunbreakers | Hard Light
Bad Juju | Multi Mida-Tool |  The Last Word | Invective
Plan C | Monte Carlo

So there we have it, another weekend come and goes but not much to talk about for my characters but how about yours? Don't forget to do the new weekly strike to grab some more coins and I'll see you next weekend for his next visit. 

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