Friday, 6 February 2015

Fifa 15 Update | Coutinho MOTM

Following an amazing game by Coutinho for Liverpool FC he was awarded with a Man Of The Match card on Fifa Ultimate Team and I for one an so excited to use this card in my team. I already have the original card which is already a great addition to the team but this new one knocks him out of the park.
I wanted to show you his card mainly due I follow Liverpool FC and have a BPL team of my own.
Let's take a look!

Above: Coutinho MOTM pictured alongside fellow MOTM Toure.

I'd like to just pick out a few statistics from his new card found over at Futhead that I think will made him a must have on the pitch.

88 - Ball Control to give him amazing first touch and close control to keep possession.

89 - Dribbling to keep hold and skip past the opposition.

87 - Short Passing giving him the edge in the final third for playmaking.

90 - Acceleration sends him straight out the blocks to beat other players.

93 - Agility/ Balance to make quick turns with ease.

I am looking forward to partnering him up with my IF Lallana to make an impact in my team.
Be warned that he will cost you plenty coins to get him in your team!

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