Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Preview | The Order 1886

A new PlayStation exclusive game awaits us and with The Order 1886 hitting shelves in just a few days I thought I would talk a little bit about this game and why we all must experience it.
It officially releases 20/02/15 and it's a high anticipated game, one of the PlayStation exclusives available in 2015 with some reviewers claiming the game has the best visuals out there right now!

So let's talk The Order 1886;
It's a single player action adventure shooter developed by the company Ready At Dawn and Santa Monica and published by Sony. It's set in an historic London where the order protects the world from half breed monsters. The strength of the monsters is terrifying but man must fight back and go to war with the half breeds. It's an historic London but with a twist; We have ourselves some futuristic weapons to fight against the enemy so it will be interesting to see how powerful and what exciting twists we will see on the guns.
It's been said to be an interesting story to keep us wanting more and it's about time we had some more exclusives hit PlayStation and this one it sure to give us the spooks. I'll talk more of the game once I have experienced it for myself once it's out but grab yourself a copy over at GAME for only £49.99.

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