Sunday, 8 February 2015

Review | Turtle Beach P4C Headset

So I got this headset as a gift not long after purchasing my PlayStation 4 mainly because the one that came with the PS4 wasn't quite living up to my expectations.

This headset available here from Game so much cheaper than some headsets out there on the market at the moment but with the same quality! It's affordable and available from most retailers so go out and get one for yourself and if your not satisfied with your current one. It's comfy resting on the head and comes with the settings to turn up or down the volume and mute your own microphone so nobody can hear your voice if your talking to someone in your own home for instance. It's adjustable frame is perfect for all head shapes and sizes and the mouthpiece can be moved around to fit your preferred position. My friends have all said how clear I come across when speaking through the mouthpiece as well as receiving other peoples voices crystal clear through the earpiece also. It's everything you need in a headset playing with friends and with such an appealing price it's an easy option: It's a must!

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