Thursday, 19 February 2015

Review | Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 Ltd Edition

So this won't be such an amazing review as I don't know all that much about cars but I'll do my best. 
I have now had this car for just over a year and had it brand new at the time. It was extremely pricey and I made the foolish choice to buy it on finance for over a five year plan; a lot of time to pay off one thing.

Be warned if you are looking in to taking cars on finance as it can put a bit of a dent in your life for the however many years you take it out for; make sure to plan ahead!

However on to the car; I haven't had many issues with the car so far although I do have a lifetime guarantee on the car if any mechanical issues arise. The only issue I have really had is having a puncture on the passenger rear tyre but that's not down to the car (more my poor driving)

The car itself in my opinion is amazing. It handles well and is very responsive. You can add more features on to the car such as sat nav, parking sensors and Bluetooth music player however I went for the more basic option which is more than enough for me.  The basic car comes with a built in tyre pump with different attachments in the boot, Bluetooth hands free for your phone and radio controls on the steering wheel.

Due to the size of the car it's easy to park wherever your going and is light and nippy. There is other size engines available for this car but upgrading will cost you a fair bit more although I feel the 1.2 is more than enough as it doesn't take long to reach 30mph or 70mph.

Be sure to check this car out and other Vauxhall cars as they are very reliable and British so they are easy to get parts for.

The car shown above is also available in a few other colours such as red and yellow.

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