Monday, 2 March 2015

The Problems With | Fifa 15

Of Course every game has its pros and cons and Fifa every year seems to have it's own bugs and glitches; they will fix one thing and ruin another and us the players will either hate or love the game (or a bit of both but we still can't stop playing it)

This is my own opinion and you may disagree but please respect my views and also share with me how you feel about the latest Fifa on our consoles.

The Goalkeepers were apparently heavily worked on to make them so much better this year to read the play and have better positioning but why can my opposition beat my keeper at the near post nearly every time! Who else has had this problem? A keeper should never be beaten at the near post and this probably won't be fixed until next years Fifa but this really disappoints me.

The First Five Minutes rule can be very frustrating. Don't know what this is? Any online matches whether your playing Pro Clubs or Ultimate Team you could score in the early stages of the day game and if your opponent quits within the first five minutes the game ends and they will not get the loss and it also means no win for you. How annoying right?! This needs to be fixed ASAP.

Commentators are so repetitive. They say the same things over and over again and it can be so boring. I want him to talk about my players season, last match, records and more. I want it to feel like there is a real person actually commentating on my game not just some robot talking rubbish over and over again.

The Referee makes all the wrong decisions. I am sure every can agree on this. I clear the ball from my own box and everything is fine until their attacker then somehow runs into my player falls over after I cleared the ball and the penalty is given! It's ridiculous. Also the referees seems to be too whistle happy; constantly blowing his whistle even if you get the ball back and can go on the counter attack. It can be impossible to get any flow of the game going when he stops it all the time: Play The Advantage!

Lastly let's talk Pace & Dribbling; Yes I know in real life these are dangerous against any opposition but Fifa 15 one player will sprint from kick-off straight through your whole team weaving in and out of your players and slotting it past your keeper. It happens too often. Pace is far too overpowered in this game and no-one is using their ability to work the ball and play football they just lob it forward and they are straight through! How is that realistic?

Please share your thoughts on what I think is wrong with the game and I wan't to hear your views too. Let's just all hope some changes are made for Fifa 16.

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